Ben Holmes started playing the bagpipes at the age of sixteen, now after more than two decades of piping he is one of only a few professional pipers in the western United States. He has over the years had many successes at piping competitions including winning the "Rocky Mountain Chanter". Currently he is in great demand as a piper for highland dancing and as a piping judge at many highland games. As a patient teacher, Ben has taught many workshops across the United States as well as several champion pipers!

With students ranging in age from seven to eighty-five. Ben has a wide variety of teaching techniques to aid pipers from the early stages of learning to those going for the gold in the upper grades.

In 1994 Ben brought many of today's competitors together to form the Centennial State Pipe Band.

Ben is a versatile player who has played with a variety of other musicians and he also plays a list of other instruments such as the uilleann (Irish) bagpipe, small pipe, low whistle, and tin whistle. He currently lives in Westminster Colorado and is a full-time bagpipe instructor.